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Cyanogen, Inc. has announced its $7MM Series A financing, led by Benchmark. Actually, we closed the round several months ago, and have been hard at work with the company since then, and so we are very excited to confirm our participation today.

The Cyanogen Mod, or “CM”, is the most comprehensive and successful Android firmware distribution in the world. It is based upon Google’s Android Open Source Project, and designed to vastly improve the speed, security, and overall user experience of Android on mobile phones and tablets. CM is already in use on millions of handsets, and with the simplified installer that the company is announcing simultaneously with this financing, that number is sure to grow quickly. We believe that CM is poised to become one of the largest mobile operating systems in the world.

With literally billions of Android devices in users’ hands, the opportunity is enormous for an Android-based OS like CM that leverages the Android app development community. According to reports, more than half of existing Android devices run an out-of-date version of the OS. Installing CM improves performance, increases data security, and insures compatibility with the tens of thousands of available Android apps. CM also eliminates the confusing bloat-ware that handset manufacturers increasingly load onto their devices. Some CM users have referred to the operating system as “Pure Android” and I think that captures the design aesthetic that founder Steve Kondik and his team have advanced.

Benchmark has a long history of supporting open source projects intent on becoming successful enterprises. Our open source history includes Red Hat, MySQL, SpringSource, JBoss, Eucalyptus, Zimbra, ElasticSearch, HortonWorks, and now Cyanogen. We’ve been behind many of the most successful open source software companies in the world. We have a deep respect for the special needs of these businesses, and how to build companies while preserving the transparency and vigor of the open source communities. We are excited to work with Steve Kondik and the team at Cyanogen to accomplish that goal.

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  1. Nathan Olsen


    Great choice supporting such an innovative dev effort!

  2. Ben

    Congrats!!! Have been enjoying CyanogenMod on my devices for quite some time. Looking forward to more developments from the cyanogenmod team!! Who knows, perhaps ill have the opportunity to enjoy the hardware as well.

  3. This is a moment in open source history! congratulations to Steve and the team. Benchmark is a wise company and I think this is monumental to ANDROID,CyanogenMod and the entire world. Geniuses working with genius making the world available to such a truly awesome open source product. Thank you benchmark for recognizing a definite winning product. Go cyanogen!

  4. Gowtham

    Hi, Congratulations. i just wanted to ask how are things going for the wave series smartphones on installing “cm”.
    thank you

  5. rai

    congratulations on ACHIEVING this massive mile stone. i cannot wait to see a new OS from you guys.

  6. Dr.Who

    Congratulations!!!! I’ve run various versions of your OS and have always been happy with them!!!!
    Good job — all of you !!!

  7. Karl

    I was very excited when i heard the news today. Even though I do not own a “android” devise (as yet, waiting for the Nexus 5) :D I have been a huge supporter of CM and have helped numerous friends root and use the firmware on their devices. I will be paying close attention to whatever new developments occur and want to encourage and wish all the persons involved nothing but success in this endeavor.

  8. Robert

    about time, best android OS there is!

  9. Best Of Luck CM for this wonderful project
    I am also running a android custom rom
    blog and i am a big fan of yours….
    best of luck :D

  10. Best of luck CM. I love cm. i m using cm since 2011.

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