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… why I believe we need not simply defeat these American Taliban — we need to sow their fields with salt for a generation. Take a listen to this, all you jews, muslims, non-evangelical christians, city-dwellers, free-thinkers, etc.  

After a week during which we heard Palin call us anti-American by implication, some unhinged Minnesota congresswoman call for a McCarthyesque pogrom against the un-American members of congress, a McCain flack suggest northern Virginia isn’t real because it isn’t “southern” (code for conservative and xenophobic, oh, I mean “patriotic”), and the rising spectre of a Reverend Wright attack on Obama’s patriotism, don’t you think it’s time we stopped viewing these people as simply ignorant and pathetic, and started viewing them as a threat to our democracy?
[UPDATE] Mea culpa. Leave it to the master …

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